Coated 380g/m2 polyester fabric, matt, grey or white on the back. Excellent colour blocking of the substrate. Used as a wallpaper replacement or wall decoration for large areas in offices, conference rooms or film studios. Extremely versatile material ideal for roll-ups, advertising banners, wall flags, advertising displays and wallpaper.

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Available Materials

1 airtex

Airtex Magic

coated poliester fabric, gloss on one side and matt on the other, characterised by high quality and endurance. It is resistant to moisture, with antimould coating. Possibility to combine panels, high endurance. Waterproof and water-resistant. It also has inflammability class B1.

  • 6 month warranty
  • Non standard material
  • B1 certificates
  • Outdoor and indoor usage

Available Options

przyklad 21 265x197 1


przyklad 23 265x197 1

Pole Packet

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przyklad 33 265x197 1

Kedar 4-12 mm

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przyklad 35 265x197 1


Additional information

Latex, Solvent, UV


3,2 m, 5 m

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Ms - JP5 evo

Production of: Ms Printing Solution S.r.l.
Model: Evo
Technology: Thermo-Sublimation
Year: 2015
Weight: 2450 kg
Printing width: 180cm
Printing resolution: 600x600 dpi
Max. speed (double CMYK): 180 sqm/h


The condition of the machine is very good, well maintained. It’s possible to check on spot how the machine works. The machine is constantly in production. There is a possibility of immediate purchase. The exact specification can be seen here: Ms-Jp5evo or call our adviser.

* All photos and videos present the actual state of the machines.

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