Polymeric foil is a white foil. Commonly applied on vehicles and public transport means as well as on flat plates and and long term expositions billboards. With grey permanent glue. Avaiable both in glossy and mat version. When wieth microporous glue, can be comfortably applied  without any air bubbles (as it is removable thanks to the grue structure). Due to its shaping features, polymeric foril can be easly fromed  and applied con only on flat sufaces.

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Avaiable material

Polymeric foil

Durable, shrink resistant, flexible, adcanced technologically, perfect printing and adhesive performance, more resistant to external influences (comparsion with monomeric foil)

  • 12 months warranty
  • Outdoor and indoor usage

Cutted to shape

Cutted to format

Available Materials

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Latex, UV, Solvent


100cm – 200cm