Hydrophobic tablecloth with special properties. The weaving and
coating allows the material to prevent absorbtion of any kinds
of liquids (any droplets remaining on the sufrace of the material
trickle down, preventing any damage to the material). Printed
ecologically (dye sub).

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The distinct texture and weave that is easy to feel add character to BASIC SINGLE and increase its tear resistance. Applications for outdoor use, e.g. garden furniture, gardens, restaurants, covers. catering facilities, covers. Perfect color reproduction, perfect for close-up viewing.

  • width: 160/250cm
  • outdoor exposure
  • garden furniture

Expressive texture and weave easily perceptible by touch add to PREMIUM FR fabric character and increase its resistance to tearing. Applications include waterproof decorative tablecloths in catering establishments or mass events.catering establishments or mass events.The fabric is designed for printing, it perfectly imitates colors and it is perfect for watching from close up.

  • Width: 160cm
  • Indoor exhibition
  • sporting events
  • special events

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