Rhotex 322

Production of: DURST Phototechnik AG
Model: 322
Technology: Thermo-Sublimation
Year: 2014
Weight: 5000 kg
Printing width: 320cm
Printing resolution: Standard 400 x 600dpi
Quality speed printing: 80m2/h
High speed printing: 140m2/h
Printheads: 16 Durst QuadroZ heads, 8 color (heads each)


The condition of the machine is very good, well maintained. It’s possible to check on spot how the machine works. The machine is constantly in production. There is a possibility of immediate purchase. The exact specification can be seen here: Rhotex 322 or call our adviser.

* All photos and videos present the actual state of the machines.

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Tomasz Zajac

Tomasz Zajac

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