We operate basing on operational efficiency, we offer the shortest lead time while maintaining the highest quality and attractive price. We understand the business of our customers, sales channels and the structure of redistribution. LEAN is our strategy leading us to perfection. We operate on the basis of value streams, thanks to which we can scale business and transfer competences between streams. Thanks to this, we can manage our business more effectively, and set our priorities to support our partners and clients. We operate on various markets. We develop IT platforms to respond to the needs of our partners. Our organizational culture and HR policy is based on building a friendly working environment, and thus a good atmosphere for our employees, partners and clients.

Our mission is simple. We want to be Large Format Printing Factory for employees, customers and partners. We want to achieve that, by doing more than prints. And by doing it better than anyone else.

Our Values

Customer Centric

Everything what we do, is focused on our customers, partners and distributors.


We are a team of large format printing professionals and enthusiasts.


Lean and other methodologies helps us to be better.


We believe that a good team is a key to success.

Our Team

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