Advertising message is easy noticeable by customers due to the great light scattering level, looks great as an element of commercial interior design.

Commonly used for interior design by prestige brands in shops and boutiques.

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Flag fabric with a special structure, which ensures longer life of the material, additionally providing the effect of uniformly saturated printing surface. As a result, it can be used for outdoor display in harsher weather conditions. An additional advantage is the high density of the weave, thanks to which the flag does not require additional hemming, and the fabric does not fray.

  • Eco
  • B1 cerificate
  • 6 months warranty
  • Indor usage

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katalog wkladki A5 skladka 1 17 20 265x197


katalog wkladki A5 skladka 1 17 18 265x197

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Legs for free standing

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Silicon Tape

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Sublimate, Transfer


3,2 m

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