The fabric is made of polyester (100%), dip-coated and then coated on one side with a resin coating, enabling UV, solvent and latex printing. The tight weave of fibers and high whiteness of the surface are advantages of the material, allowing to obtain good color graphics and even backlighting. The material is designed for interiors, but is also possible for short-term outdoor exposure.

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Available Materials

Samba Light

Check our new material for lightbox.
Is a 100% polyester that has been bath coated and then coated again on one side with resin. which allows to print UV, solvent and latex inks.

  • Free PVC
  • B1 cerificate
  • 6 months warranty
  • Indor usage / short-term outdoor usage

Available options

katalog wkladki A5 skladka 1 17 20 265x197


katalog wkladki A5 skladka 1 17 18 265x197

Set Connectors


Legs for free standing

guma silik scaled

Silicon Tape

Additional information

Latex, UV


3,2 m

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