Printing on PVC adhesive foil enables direct application to consistent, smooth and flat surfaces. The foil is completely non-transparent, appropriate for medium and short term application.

Available both in mat and glossy, with various types of adhesive layer – transparent or grey, permanent or easy removable, non-structured or microporous.

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An appropriate lamination is highly recommended in order to ensure the durability of the print and to protect it from mechanical damages.

Monomer Foil with  Gloss surface

Monomer Foil with Matt surface

Available Gray adhesive layer

  • Features : Non- transparent, easy to apply, smooth, scratch and UV resistant
  • Advantages: Applied on the material, protects it from damage, creates a kind  of protective coating
  • Usage example: Commonly used in advertising on plates, boards, banks and shops sites, also as a sticker or label for vehicles
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Cutted to shape

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Cutted to format

Additional information

Latex, Solvent, UV


100cm, 137cm, 160cm




transparent, grey, permanent, easy removable, microporous


100 microns

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