The material is created by recycling used PET bottles. Ideal for customers who appreciate ‘green’ products. The work printed on this material surprises with its high quality and very good colour contrast. A special coating is used in the material for excellent light diffusion.

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Available Materials

Eco Samba

Check out our new lightbox material. It is 100% polyester. With sublimation printing technology. It could bie application to : Backlit/lightbox banner, Exhibition stands, Illuminated panels, Tablecloths, Puffs

  • Free PVC 100% Polyester
  • FR cerificate
  • Coating very well diffuses light
  • Non-splitting material
  • High water repellence
  • Folds well in cube

Available options

katalog wkladki A5 skladka 1 17 20 265x197


katalog wkladki A5 skladka 1 17 18 265x197

Set Connectors


Legs for free standing

guma silik scaled

Silicon Tape

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260cm, 320cm, 160cm

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