This is a special type of vinyl material for printing double-sided advertisements. Inside the material there is a special black screen which separates the printed sides. Such banners are printed on three surface types and it is possible to print with the use of three different technologies. It is most often used for: megaboards, Start-Meta banners, double-sided hanging banners, wall flags etc. Banners of this type are resistant to external conditions, including UV radiation. Prints do not require additional laminate protection. Most popular finishings include: sheer-cutting, welding and eyelets, added kedar.

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Available Materials

Blockout Standard:

vinyl banner, semi-coated, highly resistant and durable. The most popular material, often used for large format and multi panel designs.

  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Standard Material
  • B1 Certificates
  • Outdoor and Indoor usage
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Blockout Economy

vinyl banner, laminated, used mainly indoors, for single panel advertisements.

  • 3 Month Warranty
  • Standard material
  • Outdoor and indoor usage
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Pole Packet

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Kedar 4-12 mm

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Additional information

Latex, Solvent, UV


3,2 m, 5 m

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