The ECO flag is an eco alternative to the well-known flag fabric. It is entirely made of popular PET bottles. Bottles are changed to liquid by crushing and then heating. As the result. plastic liquid is stretched into long, thin threads, from which it is woven into flag material.

Our eco-friendly flag material is ideal for printing on flags, banners or beach flags. It is traditionally trimmed with hem.

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- reduction of energy used and CO2
- with every kg of recycled PET, three kg of CO2 are saved
- 1.000 kg of recycled PET result in a saving of 3.000 kg of CO2 which corresponds to the average emission of a car per year
- Recovery of limited fossil resources

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dye sub


3,2 m


110 g/m2


100% RECYCLED polyester
OEKO – TEX Standard 100

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