Self-adhesive perforated white film with black backing. Easy to apply. Allows to obtain a Venetian mirror effect (from the outside the print is visible, from the inside the print is unnoticeable, and the taped pane is transparent).

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One Way Vision:

The special structure of the material ensures an optimal view without affecting the perception of the graphic and through the perforation and the black back the layout is only visible from the outside. You can present any layout on large glass surfaces without severely restricting the supply of light into the interior. Shiny surface. Liquid laminate can be used to increase the durability of the print.

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Liquid laminate can be used to increase the durability of the print.

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katalog wkladki A5 skladka 1 33 18 265x197

Cutted to shape

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Cutted to format

Additional information

Latex, Solvent, UV


100cm, 137cm, 160cm






Black permanent


100 microns


12 monts

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Ms - JP5 evo

Production of: Ms Printing Solution S.r.l.
Model: Evo
Technology: Thermo-Sublimation
Year: 2015
Weight: 2450 kg
Printing width: 180cm
Printing resolution: 600x600 dpi
Max. speed (double CMYK): 180 sqm/h


The condition of the machine is very good, well maintained. It’s possible to check on spot how the machine works. The machine is constantly in production. There is a possibility of immediate purchase. The exact specification can be seen here: Ms-Jp5evo or call our adviser.

* All photos and videos present the actual state of the machines.

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