Self and easy adhesive perforated foil, white with black backing. OWV creates so called “two-way mirror” effect (layout is visible outside, as well as outside is visible from the inside). The foil is designed for flat, transparent surfaces, e.g. shop windows. It has appropriate certificates and approvals issued by Transport Department and it is suitable for public transport vehicle windows.

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Avaiable material

One Way Vision:

Layout can be visible on the outside without the loss of light flow, suitable also for large surfaces (e.g. glass facades, office buildings). Designed for flat, transparent surfaces (display and car windows, large glazing buildings). Highly recommended in places where not only the advertising message is important but also translucency and transmission of light.
Cast Foil: Special structure of foil enables optimum visibility without advertising message deterioration, light and flexible, light transmittable. Perforation and black backing makes the message clearly visible only on the outside.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Non standard material
  • Outdoor and indoor usage


Cutted to shape

Cutted to format

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Latex, UV, Solvent


100cm – 200cm