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Advertising Umbrella: Your Brand in View Regardless of the Weather

An advertising umbrella is a perfect combination of functionality and marketing. It is a promotional tool that offers a large advertising space, ideal for displaying a logo, company name or advertising slogan. Thanks to its visibility, an advertising umbrella becomes not only a practical shelter from the sun or rain, but also a dynamic advertising medium, increasing brand recognition in public space.

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Additional information

Durability and Mobility in the Advertising Service

Made of durable materials, including aluminum construction and polyester fabric with a grammage of 240 g/m^2, the advertising umbrella is a durable advertising medium. Its lightweight construction ensures ease of transport and assembly, which is crucial when organizing various commercial events, fairs or seasonal activities. Sublimation printing technology, used to print umbrellas, guarantees vivid colors and high durability of graphics.

Adaptation to Needs and Preferences

The advertising umbrella is available in various sizes, from a compact 2.5 m to an impressive 4 m in diameter, which allows it to be adapted to the specificity of each place and event. Each model is equipped with a string lifting system, which makes it easier to use. The set includes an umbrella with a lifting system and printing, which allows for a quick and effective presentation of the brand.

To sum up, an advertising umbrella is not only protection against weather conditions, but also an effective and mobile form of advertising that can be personalized according to the brand’s needs. Its versatility, durability and ease of use make it an attractive choice for any company that wants to effectively appear in the minds of customers.