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Occasional Walls - An irreplaceable accent at every event

Our occasional walls are synonymous with elegance and a lasting impression. They are the perfect background that will make your event stand out, giving it a peculiar and unique character. Design them according to your own ideas to perfectly reflect your vision and style. Walls with a logo or unique graphics are a classic way to promote the brand, while also being a long-lasting souvenir of special celebrations.

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Occasional and Special Walls: Your Special Moments in the Spotlight

Create an Unforgettable Experience at Special Events

  • Events and Parties: Personalized walls become the center of attention, providing an unforgettable backdrop for photos and meetings.
  • Trade fairs and conferences: Stand out thanks to a special occasion wall that will highlight your presence and professionalism.
  • Anniversaries and jubilees: Walls add a solemn atmosphere, celebrating important moments with elegance.
  • Premieres and openings: Mark important moments in the company’s history in a way that will be remembered.
  • Festivals and picnics: Walls effectively distinguish your stand and encourage interaction, creating a unique space

Occasional Walls – Full Personalization and Easy to Use

  • Design: Use our expertise to create a design that perfectly captures the spirit of your event.
  • Production: Using the latest technologies, we guarantee that every detail of your wall will be made with the highest precision.
  • Assembly: The easy design allows for lightning-fast assembly, ensuring that the wall will be ready for use in the blink of an eye.
  • Personalization: The choice of size, colors and patterns allows for full personalization so that the wall fits perfectly into the space and concept of the event.
  • Durability: Thanks to the use of durable materials, your wall will stay with you for a long time, reminding you of unforgettable moments.