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Arched Pop-Up Wall - A New Advertising Dimension for Your Company

Discover innovative opportunities to advertise your brand with our arched pop-up wall. This unique design, made of high-quality materials, combines aesthetics and functionality, attracting attention and increasing the recognition of your brand. Our pop-up advertising wall is perfect for various types of events, from trade fairs to conferences, thanks to easy assembly and disassembly, which makes it extremely convenient to transport.

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Personalization and Graphics – Express Your Brand with a Unique Arched Pop-Up Wall

Design your pop-up advertising wall in a way that best reflects the character and values of your brand. Thanks to our advanced printing technology, we offer full-color, photorealistic printing on high-quality materials, such as elastico, which guarantees not only intense and vivid colors, but also clear and detailed graphics reproduction. Your brand deserves the best, which is why our sublimation technology ensures durability and color resistance to fading, which is crucial when the wall is frequently used in various conditions.

The personalization process is simple and intuitive. We start by understanding your needs and vision, then move on to the design phase. You can provide your own graphic designs or use our experienced designers to help you create graphics that reflect your unique brand identity. Whether you need a minimalist design or more complex and detailed graphics, our team is ready to meet your expectations.

An additional advantage of our wall is the “sock pulling” system, which allows you to easily and quickly change graphics without the need to use tools. This flexibility is invaluable when you want to adapt the wall to different events or promotional campaigns. Thanks to this, you can easily refresh the appearance of the wall, giving it new life and making your stand always look fresh and modern.

Technical Specification and Kit

Available sizes are 250×230 cm, 300×230 cm, 400×230 cm, up to 590×230 cm. The set includes a print, a frame and a transport bag, which makes our wall easy to transport and store. The possibility of purchasing lighting additionally enriches the presentation.

Arched Pop-Up Wall – Perfect Investment in Advertising Your Company

By investing in our arched pop-up wall, you are choosing not only an eye-catching, but also a durable advertising solution that will change the way you present your company. It’s more than just a wall – it’s a powerful marketing tool that will allow you to stand out from the competition, attracting the attention and interest of potential customers. Thanks to its unique, arched form, our wall is not only aesthetic, but also functional, allowing you to present your brand in an extremely impressive way.

Each wall is designed with the individual needs of our customers in mind. We offer a wide range of personalization options, from size selection, through graphics, to additional options such as lighting or double-sided presentation. Our modern printing guarantees that your advertising messages will be expressed clearly, using vivid, photorealistic colors that will catch the eye and be remembered.

The ease of assembly and disassembly of the wall makes it an ideal solution for various types of events – from trade fairs, through conferences, to corporate events. Thanks to its modular structure and compact storage in a practical transport case, our wall is convenient to transport and store, allowing for multiple uses.