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NeoMesh – A New Era of Ecological Advertising

NeoMesh is an innovative textile mesh, created for companies and brands that focus on ecology and modernity. It is a product made of 100% polyester, constituting an ecological alternative to traditional PVC nets. Thanks to the use of advanced large-format printing technologies, NeoMesh offers exceptional graphic quality while maintaining respect for the environment. By choosing NeoMesh, you not only invest in high-recognition advertising, but also contribute to nature conservation by choosing a PVC-free and environmentally friendly product.

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Additional Information

NeoMesh: Optimal Application and Installation Efficiency

Where and when is NeoMesh the best choice?

NeoMesh, an innovative textile mesh, is the key to effective advertising campaigns in urban and outdoor spaces. Extremely effective as a decoration for trade fairs and exhibitions, NeoMesh works equally well as durable outdoor advertising. Its versatility, enabling use both indoors and outdoors, guarantees long-term exposure without loss of color quality and intensity, making it an ideal solution for any environment.

How does NeoMesh work and how is it installed?

NeoMesh installation is characterized by simplicity and speed, which allows for easy use. This light yet durable material has been designed so that installation is possible in a variety of locations, without the need for specialized equipment. NeoMesh fits many mounting systems, which emphasizes its flexibility and adaptability to individual needs. Additionally, thanks to the ecological dyeing process and the lack of PVC, NeoMesh is safe for the environment, constituting a revolutionary product in the advertising industry. What is particularly important is that NeoMesh is characterized by low weight and permeability, which further facilitates its installation and use.