In every company there comes a moment, when decision makers wants to go further. Going further may mean a lot of different directions. It’s difficult to be responsible and set a goal that will help not only our company, but also our partners, to move on, and become a better company. Today, I will shortly describe how we imagine our next year. 

We’re located in Poland, and we produce large format printing products for over 15 years. We have over 170 people, and last year we have faced a challenge of setting new direction for us. It’s always a tough decision, as it affects us as employees and company as a whole, but also our customers and partners.

Just look at our team full of ambitious people – we don’t want to fail them!

Main goal

We set our main goal. We want to be Large Format Printing Factory for employees, customers and partners. And we want to achieve that by doing more than only prints, and by doing it better than anyone else. Our goal may seem easy, but everyone who have ever own a printing house, knows that in fact it isn’t.

How we want to do it?

We want to do it by sticking to our 4 main values.

  • Customer Centric – Everything what we do, is focused on our customers, partners and distributors.
  • Professionalism – We are a team of large format printing professionals and enthusiasts. Our job must be perfect!
  • Self-improvement – Lean and other methodologies helps us to be better every single day.
  • Team – We care about our people, and we believe that a good team is a key to success.

What does it mean to your business?

Our mission is inseparably connected with businesses of our partners and customers. Every single day we’re working to find out new ways of supporting our partners so they can grow faster. We know that being reliable partner is more valuable than ever before. Printing market is getting more crowded every day. That’s why we believe that, offering a perfect product, in a short time with added value is a key to grow.

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