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Mesh banners – the perfect solution for large outdoor advertising

A mesh banner is an ideal solution for presenting graphics in large formats, especially in outdoor advertising. Thanks to their light weight and high air permeability, these banners are ideal for advertising spaces measuring several hundred or even several thousand square meters and offer an effective and impressive way to highlight your brand.

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General Benefits of Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are a versatile and effective advertising medium that combines aesthetics, functionality and durability. Their main advantage is their exceptional lightness and durability, making them ideal for outdoor use, especially in places exposed to strong winds. The excellent air permeability ensures the stability and durability of the graphics, even in difficult weather conditions. Thanks to the possibility of using different finishing techniques, these banners can be easily adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each campaign. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, making them an attractive choice for companies that care about sustainable development. Their flexibility and ease of installation make mesh banners an invaluable tool in any marketer’s arsenal, enabling the creation of effective and memorable advertising campaigns.

Mesh banner properties

Lightness – The low weight of the mesh banner makes it easier to set up and take down, which is particularly important for large advertising formats.
Tear Resistance – Mesh banners are durable and tear-resistant, which ensures their durability even in difficult weather conditions.
Possibility of embossing – Additional reinforcement of the banner edges increases strength and durability.
High air permeability – This feature is crucial in high wind locations to prevent damage and ensure the stability of graphics.

Recommended Materials

We offer different types of banner nets to meet different needs and requirements:

Banner Mesh 340 g/m²: Perfect for graphics that require greater durability and better print quality.
Banner Mesh 280 g/m²: A lighter version, suitable for short-term advertising campaigns.
Membrane Mesh 250 g/m²: Provides excellent air permeability, ideal for locations exposed to high winds.
Neomesh 230 g/m²: The lightest option, perfect for large areas and easy to install.

Recommended Finishes

Weld: Permanent material connection that ensures the durability of the banner.
Weld seam + eyelets: allows you to easily hang the banner, ideal for quick assembly.
Kedar 6.5-14 mm: The Kedar system is the perfect solution for tensioning the banner quickly and evenly.
Tunnel: Facilitates installation on a variety of structures and provides installation flexibility.

Application of Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are ideal for outdoor use, especially where large formats are required to attract attention. They are often used on building facades, scaffolding and as free-standing advertising structures. Their lightness and durability make them an excellent choice for long-term outdoor campaigns.

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