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Outdoor Carpet: A Carpet That Can Withstand Any Weather

Carpets intended for outdoor use must meet much higher requirements than their indoor counterparts. Designed to withstand difficult weather conditions, they are an ideal solution for decorating open spaces such as terraces, gardens and patios. Printed outdoor carpets, in addition to their practical role, also have an advertising function, offering space for individual printing of graphics or company logos.

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Durability and Multifunctionality

Outdoor carpets are exceptionally resistant to bending, stretching and tearing, which is crucial for products exposed to constant external factors. Made of thick material, such as Printfloor with a grammage of 1000 g/m^2 or Carpet 900 g/m^2, they ensure durability and aesthetics for a long time. Additionally, the B1 flame retardancy certificate guarantees safe use in various outdoor environments.

Personalization and Aesthetics

Personalizing the carpet through individual printing allows you to create unique and impressive outdoor spaces that reflect the nature of events or brand identity. The use of advanced printing technologies, such as sublimation or latex, allows you to create expressive and durable graphics that attract attention and make any space stand out. The possibility of sharp cutting to individual shapes additionally increases the flexibility of arrangement and creative use of the outdoor carpet.

To sum up, an outdoor carpet is not only a practical element of outdoor space equipment, but also an effective advertising tool that can serve as an original form of promotion. Its durability, customizability and attractive appearance make it both a functional and aesthetic solution, ideal for use in a wide variety of outdoor contexts.