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ROLL-UP CLASSIC in size 80 x 200 cm - Is it the perfect choice for you?

ROLL-UP CLASSIC in size 80 x 200 cm is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a compact, but at the same time clear and visible advertising medium. This roll-up format is universal – perfect for small and medium-sized fair stands, conferences and business events. Its size is ideal for presenting key information about your company, while offering ease of transport and storage thanks to its compact dimensions.

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Additional Information

What makes ROLL-UP CLASSIC 85 x 200 cm unique?

This particular size of the CLASSIC ROLL-UP is the perfect compromise between mobility and visibility. Its format is large enough to attract attention, but compact enough to ensure ease of transport and storage. Equipped with the STRONG GRIP system for secure attachment of graphics and a non-protruding top of the mast, it guarantees stability and ease of use. Additionally, the option of double printing and availability in black make it exceptionally attractive and noticeable compared to other advertising solutions.

Why is it worth choosing ROLL-UP CLASSIC in size 85 x 200 cm for your business?

By choosing ROLL-UP CLASSIC in size 85 x 200 cm, you are investing in a versatile, durable and effective advertising medium. This is an ideal solution for trade fairs, conferences and other promotional events. Easy to assemble and disassemble, with the ability to quickly change graphics, this roll-up is an excellent choice for dynamic companies that need a flexible and mobile advertising solution. In addition, its universal design makes it suitable for various industries and business types, which makes it an excellent choice for any company looking for an effective tool to promote its brand.