Now you can print one sided blackout much cheaper.

A new fabric in the offer of Opinion Printing – frontlit with a black backside, it combines the best features of frontlit and blackout.

A perfect fabric for large-scale advertisements. Light and durable like frontlit, but at the same time not transparent.

If you want to print a one-sided banner which is going to be used in conditions of a changing background (windows where there is light in the evening, open space with the sun shining heavily from behind), the best option is to use Frontlit Black Back.

As a standard we offer banners with a reinforcing weld and grommets, but it’s also possible to finish the fabric in accordance with the client’s wish. Large scale works are welded from pieces with the maximum width of 5 m.



  • PVC coated banner with a black backside, 450 g/m2.
  • The black coating blocks light thanks to which we present the printing better.
  • A fabric dedicated for one sided advertisements.
  • Highly resistant to tearing, moisture, and UV radiation.
  • Available at the width of 5 m, 12 months of warranty.
  • UV printing (possibility of latex or solvent printing)
  • Fire retardant B1 class.


  1. Motorway megaboards. A large scale at a low price. Lower weight of large-scale works. Thanks to its black backside it remains non-transparent.
  2. Elevation banner not allowing light through (in places at risk of strong illumination).
  3. Banners for construction fences, perfect for fencing an investment location from passers-by.
  4. Fair backgrounds (B1 certificate). Thanks to their black backside they ensure a proper division from neighboring stands.
  5. Mobile billboard advertisements (pulled on a trailer).
  6. Hiding or covering a damaged facade. Sometimes clients take advantage of unprinted Black Back hanged with the black side on the outside,
    as a cover element or neutral background filling for temporarily unused carriers or damaged facades.


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