On May 15-18, 2018, the attention of the entire large format printing industry will be focused on the FESPA Fair in Berlin. The naturally strong representation of Opinion Printing will also visit this unique place. So much inspiration, possibilities, perspectives. Meet us at FESPA.

FESPA- Who and why?

FESPA is an international organization founded in 1962, which brings together representatives of the visual communication industry from 37 countries. From the beginning of its existence, the organization aimed to integrate and professionalize the industry. One of the tools that this service should serve was, in the opinion of the founders, the trade fair, the first of which took place in 1963 in France.
It soon turned out that the consolidation of the industry and the construction of a common platform was a great idea, and the effects of this type of promotion were appreciated by both exhibitors and visitors. After over 50 years, the FESPA fair has undoubtedly become part of the industry’s DNA.

For us, it has been a fantastic source of knowledge and inspiration for twenty years. It is possible to observe trends, technologies, hardware novelties and the creation of new market niches in one place. We have introduced many of them to our offer, others are already waiting to enrich our portfolio of services and products.


We hope that as every year FESPA will bring new inspirations, it will provide you with many interesting information, ideas and perspectives. As always, nothing in a nutshell will reveal the pulse of the industry. Watching the market and trends closely is very important to us. All this to prepare for what our clients will need in the future. Continuous work on developing and improving the offer, expanding the range of technologies, building intellectual capital and know-how are our priorities. The immediate result of such an approach is readiness to undertake the most ambitious challenges.

We listen to the needs of our clients and every day we want to respond better to the needs of the market, even those not yet articulated.



Our Business Advisors will be present at FESPA 2018 on 15-16th of May We invite you to meet us to discuss possible cooperation. We will be at your disposal from the opening of the fair to late evening. If you would like to meet our Channel Manager, please send your name, surname and phone number to meetus@opinionprinting.com.

We will call you back to arrange an appointment.